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Where do you start?

  • Gap Analysis Audit. See where you're at
  • Audits can be against ISO 45001, 14001, 9001, 31000 at client request

What do we do?

  • Audit Business Compliance - safety, environmental, quality
  • Facilitate Toolbox meetings / Guest Speakers
  • Monitor Work on your behalf - staff and contractor site visits
  • Incident management and reporting
  • Injury return to work
  • Drug & Alcohol testing
  • Client/project onboarding and management plans
  • SWMS - SOPs - Policies - Procedures - Registers
  • Online Management Systems - our own design!

At Regional Workplace Safety, we offer system and work practice risk assessments. These can help identify potential hazards, assess your current control measures, and help identify compliance gaps in your operations.

We offer a variety of packages and subscriptions to help you keep your workplace safe. We also provide a variety of subscription options, so you can choose the level of support that best fits your needs.

CCF & ISO System builds

Whether you have policies and procedures in place or not, we will get you up to speed. Run effective systems that are recognised locally and internationally.

Who Regional Workplace Safety Are & Our Mission 


At Regional Workplace Safety, our mission is to help organisations identify hazards and risks, and then control them in a practical, time efficient manner. We are committed to helping our clients create a safe and healthy working environment. We have seen safety done the right way and the wrong way. Large consultancy firms are not the answer.

Who We Are

Workplace safety is something that is extremely important to our Director, Shay Clifford. After 13 years of experience in the industry, he saw a need for cost-effective, supportive, knowledgable WHSEQ specialists. That's why he decided to start his own business, to bring back common sense and help businesses manage their risk exposure.

Our Accreditations

At Regional Workplace Safety, we consult for businesses through Safe Ag Systems, Safety Australia Group, CCF SA, and ISO certifying bodies. We continue to support over 150 companies in South Australia and Victoria, and our client base is growing weekly.

Our Workplace Safety Services

At Regional Workplace Safety, we conduct on site WHS audits to help identify gaps or improvement areas at your business locations. Our safety professionals have years of experience in conducting these assessments, and they know how to identify potential hazards that could otherwise go unnoticed. 

We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace. That's why we offer on-site drug and alcohol testing. Our testing is reliable and confidential, and it can help you identify any potential risks before they lead to accidents. 

We understand that safety is of the utmost importance in any workplace. That's why we offer a variety of packages & subscriptions that can be tailored to your specific needs. From comprehensive audits to ongoing support, we can provide the documentation you need to highlight any risks and provide support for employees.

We can help you ensure that your workplace is safe and compliant with regulations by conducting internal audits. We will evaluate your workplace, from the condition of your equipment to the way your workstation is configured. We will identify potential hazards and make recommendations on how to fix them. We can help you implement changes; well also perform follow up inspections.

We understand safety legislation and the responsibilities placed on workers and management. Our short sessions open the table to all questions and discussions on how to meet your obligations under the WHS/OHS Act (state-specific). Our deliveries are made via screen presentation that involves videos, handouts, and team exercises. Classes of up to 20 people are advised depending on the venue. 

Safe work method statements (SWMS) are essential for any construction project. They set out the high-risk activities to be carried out at a workplace, the hazards arising from these activities and the measures to be put in place to control the risks. At Regional Workplace Safety, we can provide you with customised SWMS that are specific to your project.

See what Our Clients Say about Regional Workplace Safety

Abraham H

Regional Workplace Safety have been unconditionally vital to not only the success of our company but also the safety of our workers and clients respectively. Without a doubt, Shay is a true professional who is an efficient operator that assists with the at times gloomy areas of WHS without fault. We will continue to engage Shay and Regional Workplace Safety for all of our WHS needs!

- Abraham H.

Luke A

Regional Workplace Safety are definitely a class above in their field.
We have used their services a number of times now and each time the results have been exceptional. Shay is professional and a pleasure to work with too!
Highly recommend Shay and his team to anyone looking for workplace safety management!

- Luke A.


The Team at ATLAS Certification have had the pleasure of auditing and certifying ISO management systems for clients where Shay at Regional Workplace Safety has assisted them with the implementation and management of said systems.

- Admin ATLAS


Regional work place safety are the best…
We used them to outline business safety needs and educate our employees.
I can’t speak highly enough about shay and how easy it was to work with him as he helped our business
Thanks shay !!!

- Jack

Ryan F

Dealing with Shay makes it that much easier, super efficient and very easy to deal with. Shay is a super guy and only gives the best advice and will always put you in the right direction.
Awesome stuff Shay!

- Ryan F.

Why You Should Choose us for Your Workplace Safety & Quality Management

At Regional Workplace Safety, we are dedicated to helping businesses manage risk and develop ways to improve operations while maintaining safety. We offer a comprehensive range of workplace safety & quality services, from risk assessments and hazard identification to training and education to record-keeping and online systems. We also support businesses when dealing with incidents or liaising with Clients and Regulators.

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